The United States Soke Council purpose is to register and recognize positive martial artists throughout the United States of America.  We are an Organization dedicated to support the development of the martial arts. With specific duty to those few who have developed their own system.

What separates the United States Soke Council from other governing bodies is our lineage.

Soke, Albert Church: Head of Family  ( deceased )

Soke, Clement Riedner: Head of Family

Soke, Stephen Barber: Head of Family

Soke, Chris Greene: Head of Family

To be considered a Shodai Soke, you have to be sponsored by a legitimate Head of Family. 

Soke is the greatest honor one can receive in the martial arts.  Many take the title, few actually qualify.   

Everyone must undergo a thorough investigation to verify their ranks and background.  

Upon review  the candidate will be notified of the finding and if favorably, the candidate will receive Sokeship.  

 The United States Soke Council is not a diploma mill where anyone with no real experience can become a member. 

We are NON-POLITICAL in that we only address those issues which directly concern us or directed to us.  



 A. To evaluate qualified individuals for sponsorship.

 B.  To offer  accreditation to a new martial art. 

 C.  To issue and award rank certifications to it members.

 D. To set and maintain high standards within the martial arts community. 

E. To protect our members hard work.

 Requirements for Founder of a new martial art

1.  Must send a formal letter of introduction. 

2.  Must have at least 20 years in the martial arts.

3. At least a (Godan) or it's equivalent in a legitimate martial art.

4. Another martial art ranking ( Shodan ) or higher.

5.  Must provide a lineage of background.

6.  Must be at least 35 years of age.

7.  Must be free from (Felony ) criminal record.

8.  Must provide contact information of ( 3 ) references.  

9. Arts must come from Japanese or Okinawan origins.     

10.  Must agree to accept the rank issued by the board of directors .   

 Head of Family 

1. Must hold a ( Godan ) or the highest rank within their art.

2. Must have Certificates or a letter to prove Head of Family to support claims of status.   

3. Must provide contact information of  ( 3 ) references.