What is a Sokeship?

A Sokeship is an old Asian system designed to certify founders and inheritors of a martial arts system.

What is a Soke?

A Soke is simply a founder or the inheritor of a martial arts system, which is based on Okinawan or Japanese martial arts.  So is Doju for Korean and Sijo for Chinese based martial arts.  Only a Head Master of a martial arts system with Head Family Status can issue accreditation, certification or recognition.  Any other person, Hall of Fame or Association is not a true accreditation.    

What is a Founder?

Founders are individuals who meet certain requirements and were sponsored as a first generation founder "Shodai Soke" of their own martial art system. 

What is an Inheritor?

An individual that was selected by a Soke to inherit the system of a martial art once he has passed away. 

    What is a Head of Family?

An individual who legitimately inherited a martial art system.

What is a Soke-Dai?

He is the appointed successor by the Soke.  Upon the Soke's death the Soke-Dai automatically inherits the system. 

The United States Soke Council accepts those individuals that have documented proof of their certifications.